Great Resources

Conversion from Gregorian Calendar to Hebrew Calendar, read the weekly Torah portion, learn about Feasts and Sabbath candle lighting times. If you think, "This isn't relevant, because I'm not Jewish," think again. The Feast Days of Israel hold the very key to our future. Study them, and try to piece together their meaning as they relate to the story of humanity.

Biblical Calendar Proof
A google search brought me to this website, and the gentleman, Don Roth, who came up with these calculations (an have to love engineers!) is one of the kindest, brightest men I've had the pleasure of speaking with. He called me after I sent a message to him via his website, and shared so much information based on his many years of study. If you are interested in finding out exactly when certain events in the bible took place, check out his timeline. The Bible is full of clues for specific dates, you just have to know where to start.

Everything is Not as it Seems
Years ago, when I first accepted Jesus Christ, my hubby and I attended a small church in San Jose, CA. Facebook connected me to the guy who ran the soundboard at the church and we remained loosely connected. Last year, he began a blog and reading the first post piqued my interest. When I considered (for the first time) that there's a generation that "will not pass away before..." the really big prophecies in the Bible take place, I began to re-think life. It started with the question, What would I do differently if we only walked this earth for xx days? It really changed my prayer life, more than anything else. But that small change has set of a chain of events in my life that I would never, ever have thought possible. 

A Look at Passover for Christ Followers
There are some interested parallels to our redemption through the Passover Lamb, and our marriage to Jesus Christ. Consider that the matzoh and wine are already completed, and see how things line up after that.

Watch for the Day - Daniel Matson
This guy is seriously a math genius. Look at all the confirmations of the season we're in as a Church. It's such a gift!

Post-Rapture Instructions
For anyone who is left behind. A must-read regarding preparation. Things may look rosy, and a "hero" may come on scene. Don't be fooled.