UPDATE: The missing items from the Ark in Solomon's Temple

This is an update to my post comparing the building of Solomon's temple to the building of the church.

I just love it when God places people and ideas in my life, and I get to be a part of one of His awesome messages. This is a funny little story - and is unusually short, for me.

A few years ago I attended a birthday party for a young man. Earlier in the day, I spoke with a lady in a feed store, who was looking for a particular kind of dog food. Well, that same nice lady was at the party, so I cheerfully quipped, "Hey! Did you find your dog food?" Blank stare from nice lady. Now I feel stupid.

After a few moments of explanation, Sandee (that's her name) revealed that she had been adopted at birth and had always believed she had a twin sister. It sounded quite likely based on what she shared with me. We suspected the woman in the pet store was her long-lost twin and spent some time talking about it.

A few years later, I attended a birthday party for the father of the young man at whose party I initially met Sandee, and this time we exchanged contact information. I shared my blog with her, and she's been sending me some wonderful little tidbits of study. I love it.

Today's installment included a short video regarding the Mercy Seat in the Tabernacle. The narrator explained that the items in the Ark were not only reminders of God's provision for His people, but they were also reminders of their sins, covered by the Blood of the Lamb, which was sprinkled on by the High Priest at Yom Kippur.


That got me thinking about the items that were missing from the Ark in Solomon's temple, which I believe represents the building of the Church. When the Ark was moved into the temple, there were two items missing. Who would have taken them? If there was mention of Uzzah (name means Strength) being immediately killed by God for touching the Ark - even though it was with the best of intentions - don't you think there'd be mention of a guy cheeky enough to steal Aaron's Rod and God's Manna out of the Ark? I sure think so.

Let's inventory the items. Here's a summary chart, to keep it short.

God Provided
Sin Reminder
In Tabernacle (Israel)
In Solomon’s Temple (Church)
Tablets w/ Commandments
The law, His covenant
Broken laws
Aaron’s Staff
A Leader to Bring Them out of Bondage
Rejection of that Leadership (grumbling to choose own leaders)
Jar with Manna
Bread of Life
Rejection of Bread of Life (grumbling for quail)

What does it mean? To me, it looks like those of us who make up the Temple, faithful in Christ Jesus, do not need the reminder of the sins of Rejection of Leadership, or Rejection of the Bread of Life - we've accepted both of those!

That said, and lest we boast of righteousness, we still need to be reminded of our inability to keep the commandments perfectly enough to justify ourselves with God. No matter how hard we might try, we will always need God's mercy (seat), and the Blood of the Lamb, for that.

Amen! Hallelujah!

And thanks for the video link, Sandee.