Three Days of Darkness: Prophecy or Propaganda?

I remember first hearing about the Three Days of Darkness (TDOD) and thinking it was beyond creepy. Demons prowling around outside in the bodies of your neighbors and family, begging you to open the door? C’mon, you can’t be serious. That sounds like folklore.

No credence came from the vision being given through the Roman Catholic Church (R.C.C.), which is looking a lot more like an arm of the Beast system each passing day. I'm not bashing Catholics, either. I'm just questioning their leadership.

Other prophecies regarding this three days, are connected to Mary (mother of Jesus), referred to as the Lady of Fatima. A group of children in Medjugorje, Portugal were told by an apparition of Mary to attend mass every first Friday and First Saturday (Sabbath) of each month and to pray the Rosary (including the Hail Mary) for intercession. 

There’s some merchandising around this prophecy, as well. According to some TDOD-prophets, Only 100% beeswax candles, blessed by a Priest in union with the True Pope, Pope Gregory XVIII, will be able to be lit, and they recommend lighting them with similarly “blessed” matches, available for purchase. Nothing else will give light during the TDOD - not even regular candles. So, only blessed candles and matches from this guy are supposed to work.

The plot thickens, too. “Blessed” Anna-Maria Taigi (29 May 1769 - 9 June 1837) who indicated the TDOD would result in the appearance of Peter and Paul coming down from heaven to preach throughout the world and designate a new pope. A great light will flash from their bodies and will settle upon the cardinal, the future Pontiff. Then Christianity will spread throughout the world, including Russia and China before the reign of the Anti-Christ.

In common, all these historical prophecies issue strict warnings about not looking outside while all of this is going on, which may result in turning into a pillar of salt, or death, or insanity. The sky will turn unusual colors, but there’s some discord about the actual colors that will be shown. Within three days, a massive quake strikes, and the gates of Hell are opened. Some say demons will take on a gaseous form and exhale poison, while other say they’ll occupy the bodies of your friends and loved ones – but don’t open the door to them. They’re obviously fakes, since nobody can survive poison demon breath.

You can see why I would question this. Some of it is far beyond scriptural, and the appointing of any MAN in the place of God is something to which I emphatically object.

Still, a much more reasonable version of the TDOD is being presented by people whose YouTube channels I have tested and found to be both reasonable and scriptural. And most of them seem absolutely sincere. What are we to believe?

Before I answer that, I want to make a major point to you. I can't count the number of videos I've watched about this topic, both pro and con. I've read arguments and counter-arguments beyond counting. 

More meaningful, I’ve read and researched scripture for every instance of “three days” in scripture. There are 163 in the KJV among 73 verses, but I removed thirteen of them from my list because the words “three” and “days” were separated in the verse, or the translation was “third day” versus “three days” and, in one instance, it was referring to 33 days instead of three. 

That’s 150 mentions of three days, and in each instance the theme was a separation (time or distance), a transformation, a testing, or a waiting period. That’s significant.  

Based on scripture, some important kind of separation or culling takes place after a three day waiting period. I just don't know which three days, and I don't know what kind of culling will take place. It could be as simple as a reference to the three days our Savior was entombed, or it could be something important on our horizon.

Does the TDOD seem scary? Yep, but I won’t be intimidated into hiding my head in the sand. The fact that it’s scary is an excellent reason to really search the matter thoroughly.

Do I want the TDOD to be true? Nope. But under no circumstances am I going to turn away from it and proclaim it irrelevant because the origin looks like pro-R.C.C. mythology. And here’s why.

What better place is there to hide the truth, than in the mouth of a liar?

Don’t get all worked up. I’m not going to come to the conclusion that it’s true. Or false. But I am going to present a very reasonable argument about how we should respond to the prophecies about TDOD we hear, regardless of the source. And that, readers, is the big take-away from this blog post. I even have a nifty little summary of the scriptures I looked at that you can read if you would like to dive in to them to discern for yourselves how much of the TDOD prophecies is false, and how much is true.

The rest of this post will answer the following two simple, yet important, questions:
  • How should we form our opinion about the TDOD prophecy?
  • What does a reasonable response to it look like?
First, we all have an opinion, and there are many varied opinions on this subject. I have several, which has often gotten me into hot water. Our opinion can be pride-based, indicating that we know more than someone else and so the prophecy is clearly correct/incorrect. Our opinion can be self-seeking, whipping up people into a frenzy to ensure they keep coming back to us for a blog post, YouTube channel, or a blessed something-or-other. Our opinion can also be fear-based. This might be the worst kind of opinion to have. Just because we don’t WANT something to be true, we devalue the source from which it came and shout, “It’s not scriptural!” I’ve heard a lot of that, and given there are such interesting bits of scripture to point to “three days” (not TDOD, mind you), it’s worthy of some attention.

So how, then, should we figure the TDOD out? I propose these steps: 
  1. Stop listening to other people (internet, social media, YouTube, etc.) and their opinions, regardless of where they stand. You’re going to draw every fear-monger and ear-tickler on the internet, and none of them are God. 
  2. Next, read scripture thoroughly. I recommend praying both before, and after, you have studied. If you enjoy the clarity that comes from a fast, do that as well.
  3. Ask God to tell you what you need to know. Don’t be afraid of the answer, because if you believe His word is true, then you also know how much He loves you and how capable He is of saving his people. He literally has a 100% track record.
For me, this study has been frustrating. I have never run into a subject that feels so opaque to me. If you’ve followed my blog at all, you know that when I feel like God is showing me something, it hits me all of a sudden, and I leave the subject feeling confident of what I’ve learned. This time it's completely different. I asked God to tell me if the TDOD was real, and I’ve had four separate dreams about it which all had the same theme, just slightly different details (i.e., where I was sitting, who was around me, and the manner in which the darkness spread). Each time, people were screaming, running, panicking – but I wasn’t. I had the last dream after I had taken a break from the topic.

As part of this study, I asked God to please show me a series of threes if it was going to happen before the rapture, a series of fours if it was going to happen in conjunction with the rapture, and a series of fives if it happens after the rapture. He’d given me confirmations like that before, so it didn’t seem like a stretch to ask.

Guess what happened? I got both a series of threes AND a series of fives. That’s not the decisive answer I was hoping for. Perhaps I’m not asking the right question, or the answer is not for me to know. Maybe it’s for you to know, or someone else. Maybe I need to refine my question.

Now that I’ve written an entire blog post without any conclusion whatsoever, I want to talk about what our response to the TDOD should be. It's very, very simple.

Keep searching if you feel led, stay in the Word, and be prepared to the extent possible.

We can probably rule out the possibility that a supreme pontiff will be nominated by Paul and Peter, and that the head of the true church will just happen to be the new head of the R.C.C.  Actually, if the TDOD does occur, and it's concurrent with the rapture, then I would be looking very carefully at the super-pope who is supposedly going to lead the world into an amazing age of church growth and peace. It doesn't line up with scripture, and it looks more like setting the stage for a Great Deception. Just sayin'.

Also, according to some of the prophets, if both Russia and China are going to suddenly convert, it would have to happen immediately for it to occur before the end of the 70-year generation of Israel's re-birth as a nation. It sure doesn't seem like we'd see that before May 2019.

As for the other aspects of the prophecy, if the sky turns strange and wondrous colors, something is obviously going down in our atmosphere, and it’s a good bet that it’s some kind of solar activity that could disrupt communications and power grids. I suggest we respond by having a sensible emergency plan that includes food, water, and heat sources. We should have that, anyway.

If everything suddenly goes dark, physically, I want to remind you that scripture tells us not to panic. Just take a look at Exodus 10:22-23. The land of Goshen, specifically the homes of God’s people, had light. If I hear screaming outside, you can be sure I'd stay safely hidden inside with my family while we pray. And I definitely won't open the door to anyone (don't bother knocking!) – demon breath, or not.

Since Pope Gregory XVIII has apparently quit his job, we can probably rule out candles and matches blessed by him or his former sect. That said, regular candles should always be on hand for an emergency and natural, unscented beeswax is clean-burning, long-lasting, and pure. Perhaps it’s an expensive concession to TDOD-madness, but I made some beeswax candles and gave them to friends. I also took that opportunity to melt down my massive collection of candle remnants into cute little candles in canning jars. It was fun.  

I know…I don’t seem like a person who likes fun.

I don’t even know why I saved those old candles, when I’m usually ruthless about old junk laying around. But I did, and I happily up-cycled them, only setting the stove on fire once.

Finally, and most importantly, we should always be prepared spiritually to meet our Savior, no matter what the circumstances are. That includes a genuine relationship with God which includes spending time in the Word, and in prayer. Remember, TDOD or not, tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Eyes up, my friends. Enjoy the chart with the scripture references. I worked really hard on it.