Dream Compilation 2018 - 2020

Thought I'd compile all my dreams in this blog, as I have posted them on social media. Enjoy!

July 6, 2018
Not so much a dream sharer, but these are interesting. As always, pray for discernment.
I had a dream about the "Mountains of the Children of...(Benefit)" that was somehow referring actions of Saints being a blessing.

The dream was very confusing, and the word "benefit" was one I couldn't quite grasp. I tried to wrestle with it, and suddenly felt like I had complete clarity. But I fell asleep again, thus forgetting what I had felt so clear about.

It was followed by another dream, in which I was sitting outside with guests, and noticed that 1/3 of the stars were gone, but I saw the constellation Leo and pointed it out. I could never find it in the sky now, but in the dream I knew it for certain.

Appearing over the roof-line of our house, a giant black, layered cloud began to emerge. I jumped up, ran inside, and started slamming windows shut and closing blinds. I shouted  orders for others to close the kids' windows and blinds. As the darkness grew, I could hear screams in the distance growing louder. Then I was jolted awake.

So I started to search the Internet. 😉

The word I couldn't catch in the first dream sounded like "benefit," but that wasn't it, exactly. Turns out Ge Bhene is the Valley of the Children of Hinnom, which separates Mt. Zion from the Hill of Evil Counsel. It's believed to be where children were sacrificed to Moloch. Ge Bhene sounds like "benefit." Jesus used Gehenna as his term for eternal torment.

The Hill of Evil Counsel is traditionally the place where Judas made the decision to betray Jesus. Currently, it's the UN headquarters in Israel, as well as home to a big movie theater complex that notably plays movies on the Sabbath.

It's a very bad place, no matter how you slice it.

The best I can interpret this is that something big is coming out of that place, either politically, or spiritually, or both. Gehenna (same area) referenced hell when Jesus spoke of it.

I'm thinking this dream, plus the other one about the stars and clouds mean it's about to get crazy. Evil is being unleashed. For me, at least, eyes will be kept on Israel and the Hill of Evil Counsel.

Sep 5, 2017

I dreamed about the Rapture last night.

I was looking at the weather app on my phone, which became the sky. At the center of it, Christ appeared and approached us. I was so excited and shouted a "Woot woot, he's here. It's TIME! C'mon you guys!"

I felt myself being drawn up - it was like the rush you feel after a big drop and subsequent climb on a roller coaster, but more gentle and quiet. It was almost as if air was running through me.

Christ was dressed all in red...that puzzled me. If you search for Rapture images online, you'll probably find the same as I did - white robes, bright light...

But then I read this morning about the significance of colors...red is earth, red is body, red is blood, red is sacrifice.

Perhaps he'll meet us in that color and change as our bodies change.

Or, maybe it was just a dream. 

July 27, 2018
Dreams are sometimes just active imagination, and sometimes something from God. I wish I knew for certain about this one, but I don't. Prayerfully consider...

In the dream, I was searching for some solid evidence in scripture about the timing of "events." A couple of people had joined me to search.

Then, a very tall and slender priest (or pastor in a dark suit) walked in. I didn't know him. He said, "It's in six days."

I asked if he was sure, and he said he was absolutely certain. I gaped at him, and he told me to get on the rooftops and shout. As I told people, I explained that it was secret information from a top military leader, as I had later gotten the impression that the priest had obtained his information that way. A nuke was coming.

So I spread the word. A crowd began to arrive in groups, a few of whom I knew in the dream, but not in real life.

We were praying and watching the sky, and the constellations began to move, lighting up and revealing themselves to music. It was beautiful.

Again, not sure how inspired it was, but this is my rooftop. 😉 Blessings to you all.

Aug 3, 2018 (Shared in a letter to my Pastor)
I had a funny dream. In it, I entered our church but the sanctuary had stairs instead of aisles. I was in a hurry and didn’t want to make small talk with someone I had recognized stationed by some equipment at the second step from the bottom. I tried to whiz by them while attempting to avoid stepping on a wired device that he was positioned near. Just as I reached the person I was trying to avoid, he called my name. I startled, took a misstep, and fell onto the ground, tumbling and landing on my back. I started to laugh, and purposefully laughed harder so that my acquaintance would know I wasn’t holding any grudges against him for my fall. It was important to me to show him that I didn’t blame him for calling me out.
Feeling like I was going to be late for something, I jumped up and started to make my way to the side of the stage. Climbing through a drum kit, I accidentally bumped a microphone, and the sound echoed in the sanctuary. Someone in the control booth gave instructions to turn the mic down because of the noise I was making. I replied, “Don’t worry, it’s just me,” and saw that the sanctuary was full of congregants.
I then noticed that a few of the band members were quite young, and didn’t have the tools with which to play their instruments; they were only pretending to play. A young man at a xylophone was waving his hands without mallets and a young lady was trying to help him, bringing him different items to use, but they hadn’t found the right tool yet.
Your worship pastor was playing drums. I felt like I was annoying him as I urgently made my way to backstage. He scowled at me.

Reaching the room, I ran into you, Pastor. You said you were glad to see me, and gestured to two other men with tanned complexions as you told me that things would be different from now on.  The tanned men seemed to have some set of rules about preaching, and I idly wondered if they were so tanned from all the golf they had been playing. As I looked at you, your face changed; you became a brunette with a dark complexion and bright white teeth.
You started telling me about the God of Romans, describing Him as barbaric. I didn’t reply, but I understood that God isn’t barbaric; rather, it’s mankind who is barbaric. God has given us over to our lust for violence and is using that barbarism to remove evil from the earth in order to preserve His remnant. For some reason, I was mentally comparing what you said about God to the book of Leviticus, but I had no idea why. 

It occurred to me that I wanted to speak about that point to the congregation, but I wasn’t allowed to. As the tanned, brunette you (not the real you) spoke, I resolved to study Romans so that I could correct the preaching should it be wrong. I planned to give a discrete warning with a shake of my head. If that didn’t work, I’d raise my hand, hoping the teaching would be corrected. And if that still didn’t work, I would stand up and proclaim the truth, though I wondered if I would be carried away from the sanctuary by “heavies.”
I tried to exit the backstage area, looking for an inconspicuous door, but the door I chose led to center stage. I closed it and tried another, but that one was no better. It seemed like my exit from backstage wouldn’t go unnoticed, as I had wished.

The dream continued and I went home to a mansion where my husband showed me our kids’ room, which was decorated beautifully. That was the end of the dream. (See Dec 20, 2018 entry for more details on this, which I kept private.)

Aug 10, 2018 (via private message)

Wanted to tell you....big tsunami dream last night. It was on the west coast (California) and I saw it hit the Santa Cruz, CA area. The wave was massive, dark, and churning. I was south of there and saw the wave coming, but thought I was safe. I said to those around me, "we have an hour and a half" and then saw the wave arcing from the north, down to where I was. I had totally forgot about the dream until I saw Table Mountain while driving today. The mountain looks like a black and churning wave, and jogged my memory.

Aug 27, 2018
Four dreams in a row last night. In the dreams, we were all home so perhaps it was a weekend. I knew "it" was coming in the last two. In the first three dreams, I was busy preparing all the window shades and locking doors. My husband wasn't helping with the preparations in the second or third dream, but finally helped in the fourth one. 

At first, I saw a layer of black liquid across the sky, undulating. Tracing the layer back, I could see it was emanating from the East and coming from a more dense cloud that was quite large. 

The next dream was a continuation of the third, but there was a cat that had made its way into the house I was prepping. I was so afraid our dog would attack the cat (he would do that in real life), but the dog didn't seem to see the cat. Norman was urging me to be quiet and stop making noise.

In the fourth dream Norman was paying attention and being more helpful, and the boys were watching TV. I was feeling so grateful that Nena (former home owner) was so conscientious about window coverings as I went from room to room, tightening down. 

A group of people, including Nena, appeared in my garage and decided to stay there, worshiping God. That stupid cat was in there, too, and it just glared at me. 

Norman shouted, "It's starting!" 
I could see shapes of very large men in regular clouds, which were darkening as the battle began. Then I woke up for the last time before getting up.

All those dreams were so unusual, that I almost decided to keep the kids home. Four dreams in one night, after offering prayers about protecting my kids and being prepared. Yikes.

Sep 10, 2018
I had a crazy dream last night. It came in response to some questions that I posed to God about the Commandments verses Grace.
I was in an airplane and I was packing a Bible and then another holy book tucked inside of the Bible. There were two sets of these. Our mission was to drop them on specific locations which we knew would be very dangerous, and those locations would probably blow up. What I associated this with the next morning was "Truth Bomb."

I accepted the mission and jumped out of the plane that we were riding in, just trusting that the plane would pick me up before I landed into the area that exploded. The plane did catch me, as promised, just as the explosion was reaching me.

The next scene was me riding in a vehicle with God. It was a big white vehicle, fancy like a Cadillac Escalade. My son, Alex, said, "Oh, I forgot something." We exited and left the car doors open. When we returned there was some valuable object of God's missing from the car, which was stolen. When I talked to him about it, it sounded like somebody had stolen his "tool holster." He was sad, but completely confident that the item would be returned. And then I woke up.

(Update: I've had a couple of dreams in which Alex has left something behind. He's a mechanic now...a tool holder. His father is a machinist, also a tool holder.)

Sep 11, 2018
Lord have mercy on us. Last night I dreamed that I was somewhere nearby our home. I was hurrying to get supplies for some pending catastrophic event, and drove to a store in a rush, hoping to beat the crisis. I skidded into the parking lot and glanced north. Something black and awful was spewing out of fountains. I thought, "This is from mining activity. They've been mining." I decided to forego whatever I was trying to obtain, and started to flee back to the safety of home...then I woke up.

Oct 1, 2018
Such a specific dream! I was driving on a local highway, and two dogs were running alongside the road. To pull them into the car, I had to lay down and reach through the door. As I began to get them in the car, a third dog appeared which was all black. One was a husky, one a malamute, and a third all-black bulldog. They were all so young. I checked tags on their collars, which had name tags, licenses, and vaccination tags. The black one was named Garcia, and stamped into the tag were the words JEWEL TIME, Oroville and Smartsville.

Where did THAT dream come from????
(Note, this was a month prior to the devastating Camp Fire, and post-fire I have spent a great deal of time in Oroville and Chico. Prior to that, I hadn't spent any time in Oroville at all.)

Dec 20, 2018 (Related to August 3rd, 2018, initially shared via private message)
At the end of the dream, my location transitioned to a mansion, but I don't know how I got there. I told you guys about this in the summer. What's odd is that my husband was there, and was showing me our boys' room inside a mansion, pointing out all his work in prepping lamps and decorations in the fabric I had used to decorate their nurseries. In reality, he didn't do any of that. My husband didn't have a room there, but it seemed important to him that I was pleased with, and recognized, the positive things associated with their very early childhood.

Today, Dec. 20, 2018, I rescued a homeless lady named Sharon from removal from the Red Cross Chico evacuation center by speaking with them and procuring a 5th wheel for her to live in. When I returned from there, Norman said to me, "When you get your mansion in heaven, can I live with you?" In the earlier dream, he definitely didn't live in that mansion.

January 1, 2019
Happy New Year! First interesting dream of 2019:

In the dream, I was studying satellite imagery of the Ring of Fire, and I noted that there was a flood coming out of a hidden section of the Sea of Okhotsk. A barrier island was slowly being broken down by a powerful current which would would race toward and along the Pacific Northwest, causing terrible destruction. Nothing we could do would stop the flood, but the damage would be concentrated on the coast and wouldn't be as severe inland.

In another dream, I was getting ready to get married. The clothing was simple, but I was sorting through jewelry to find my very best ornaments to wear. A woman was also looking through what I had, and grabbed my great grandma's ring, which I had gotten as a present when I was about 40. She dropped it, and claimed it was broken. It had rolled under something and was in pieces. I was so angry! She just didn't understand the value of that ring to me. (Interesting note, this ring had actually gone missing in June 2019! It has since reappeared.)

At the wedding there were old acquaintances of mine in attendance, who grumbled that they weren't invited. I don't think any of them were Believers. A quartet of groomsmen were singing as a gift to me, and someone uttered that they weren't a good influence. I disagreed and enjoyed their singing.

Later on, I was cuddled up to my sweet groom, just enjoying his presence. I woke up.

Oh my... it's going to be a heckuva year.

Jan 2, 2019
I dreamed about being on a bus (or RV). A woman grabbed a book or paper that was on the top bunk, and asked "Who here is learning the Hebrew language?" She looked at me pointedly, and I felt so bad that I hadn't been studying it. She began to read out loud, but because I hadn't been studying, I didn't know what she was reading meant.

January 3, 2019
I was dreaming about being in a fire lookout tower (something for which I regularly volunteer). Two frightened young lambs were below and I was pulling them into the safety of the tower. A long-haired goat was playing in the shrubs in the ground below. A big bear was on the prowl on the ground below, and with her were two young bear cubs of different ages/sizes. She didn't go after the goat. I was trying to determine the "launch point" or "flash point" location of the danger on a map.

Outside of the dream, and in my bedroom, I very clearly heard a man's voice say, "Explode." It startled me out of my slumber and I looked around. Nobody was there.

Feb 22, 2019
Another interesting dream last night.

I was standing with a friend by a raging river which cut through a city. Above us, there were beautiful walkways crossing the river in a few places, and something that looked like outdoor cafes on our side. The other side had beautiful white terraces on several levels and were not accessible from the place on which we were standing.

Adjacent to the river, a space away from the cafes, was a marshy area. We decided to cross the river through the marsh leading away from the city, and as we stepped into it, the ground immediately began to undulate below us. We realized that the marsh current was just as strong as that of the river, but was hidden by all of the reeds in it. I was swept off my feet and carried by the current toward the rushing river and city, but managed to catch a tree on the bank and climb out.

I moved toward a walkway that was populated with people sitting at tables, enjoying lunch, and listening to music, oblivious to the raging water. There were several other levels to this outdoor promenade on the other side of the river, and it looked similar to a mall. I searched for a way to get to the upper stories on the other side of the river, and out of danger of the flood. Finally, I found a way to get to the sixth level, which was one short of the top.

At that level was a store that I walked into. The sales ladies looked like they were from Africa, and their outfits were of pure gold. I desperately wanted one of their golden outfits for myself, and they graciously pointed me to racks that had all kinds of clothing on them, which they insisted were gold. In reality they were varying shades of grey, with a few flecks of gold woven into them. When the ladies realized I wasn't going to buy one, they left the store, with me in it.

Some people were in a heated argument about the "7th or 8th day," which was broadcast via loudspeaker. Two well-known actors were dressed as gladiators, and they were taking turns acting out a scene. They said, "The Lord is angry about the third day."

Their acting wasn't very convincing. In fact, their sword fight was almost a parody, and at the end, one of the actors smashed a cupcake into the face of the other actor. I decided to try to act out the scene myself, and smashed a cupcake into somebody's face. I woke myself up laughing.

Mar 9, 2019
Last night I had a crazy dream. My husband and I were along the coastline and a huge volcano erupted. I saw the massive explosion, sending huge boulders flying toward us.

Someone said, "It's Hawaii!" A roiling black mass slid into the ocean across the Pacific, which I realized was a huge landslide. But before a tsunami could form, large boulders had reached us and were landing all around us, including right next to our car. We weren't injured, but were afraid.  I wanted to look for our kids, but knew they were safe. I needed to tell them that we were still alive.

After that, I found myself in a lecture hall, in which a man was speaking. I had brought my mom and my grandmother to the hall, but still wanted to let the kids know I was OK. (My grandmother has already died, in real life. My mother is currently starting to fail, but was not at the time of the dream.)

The man was offering solid teaching. Mom and grandma were surprised by, and very interested in, what he was saying. I approached him to ask him a question, and show him some work I had completed. Then I woke up.

Apr 15, 2019
I got another vivid dream about three days of darkness early Saturday morning. Last night I asked God to show me a series of 3s if it takes place before, a series of 4s if it's concurrent, and a series of 5s if it's after rapture. I've only seen 3s in an online recipe for tonight's dinner, so I'm looking for more confirmation.

But I don't think we need to fear. Just be faithful and ready if it does happen.
Apr 28, 2019
Interesting thing...last night was full of odd dreams that woke me up hourly. In the last one, I dreamed I saw a page of writing in a language that I haven't seen in my dreams since 2012-ish. It's a language I used to dream in, but it isn't familiar to me except for in these dreams. I used to wake up and have these beautiful words on the tip of my tongue, but I could never completely remember or pronounce them. After 7 years...the language is back. Isn't that funny?

May 7, 2019
Last night I dreamed I saw my husband cheating on me. He didn't realize I saw him.

(NOTE: Since then, we have divorced, and there was another woman in the wings, for whom he left the country.)

My first love walked up to me and gave me a tight hug and said, "I'll always love you, always protect you, and never cheat on you." I could feel every muscle in his arms around me. I knew I couldn't stay there with him. I had to leave.

We bid a tearful goodbye after a big hug and I stroked his beautiful face. When I couldn't see him, the sky lit up with white streaks like rocket trails. I was suddenly overjoyed and shouted, "It's starting! It's starting!" That's when I woke up.

Wish I could remember the next dream. In it there was a woman was dressed up beautifully - well, more like extravagantly - and her name was Hydra, like the constellation.

(Update: Hydra vulgaris structures and the jab: https://www.brighteon.com/a02b1413-704d-4131-829f-1e8f2c1af2e2)

May 15, 2019
Funny dream last night about a Mary apparition. People saw her as this pure, beatific-faced beauty. I saw her as extravagantly dressed and flashy, with ornaments jingling as she walked. The Mary everyone else saw was like those painted porcelain statues of her. The one I saw was a beautiful black woman. I thought "Queen of the South" when I saw her, and she turned her head to glance at me with a knowing look.

I hugged someone and asked them if they understood what was coming.  Did they know about the 3 Days of Darkness? They responded, "Don't worry. We're saved." I was so glad.

A huge, ornate veil passed over the Earth like a cloud, and I could hear all the ornaments jingle again as it passed over. The apparition was telling people that she had been washing the Earth to purify it, but the water she was using was wave after wave of filthy, churning water pouring into the city. 

Just as we were all going to be swept away by the filth, groups of us were lifted up in the sky, hands linked like a chain. Someone I knew in childhood (who is quite hedonistic) grabbed my hand as I started to float upward, and he was holding me down. I sank back down, but shook loose from his hand. Then I was then able to reach the clouds.

Once there, I found myself in my own little two-story apartment, filled with little trophies and award ribbons. I went into a main gathering area and a woman (might have been my cousin, Laurie) was telling me how to sync a number of calendars. Interesting...

July 21, 2019
I was in a town, and saw a building that was occupied by a foreign man. I realized the house had belonged to my aunt and uncle (in Saratoga, CA). The house was intriguing to the people in the area. They had seen some remodeling activity, accompanied by comings and goings, and it had piqued their interest. A real-estate agent friend of ours (Lorra) had a key to get in, and my husband wanted to get inside. I was conflicted because I knew we weren't supposed to go in - but the place was fascinating to me so I followed them inside.

We were being very quiet as we went down a hallway with floral wall paper and sheer flowered curtains to match. The carpet was a solid, rich crimson color. We were just about to open the master bedroom door when our agent friend turned around to look back in the hallway. Footsteps were coming near, and she quietly said, "Oh, Crap."

The owner of the house, a tall blond Russian man, asked us why we were there. I wondered if complimenting him on the curtains and wallpaper would relieve tension, but he didn't seem upset. I told him that I had spend many hours inside this house when it had belonged to my family, quickly adding that it wasn't MY house, but rather the home of my aunt and uncle. He was so pleased to hear it that he gave us a tour. Everywhere there were signs of Russia: ornate archways, gilt objects, nesting dolls. (The term Russian Kitsch comes to mind as I type this, and the resulting Google images are a match with what I saw in the dream.)

We moved through hallways and many rooms had been remodeled. There was one room that stood out as being completely suburban American in style. Oak floors, overstuffed couches with oak trim, cheesy white-framed landscapes with hunter green mattes. I told our guide that I like what he had done with the place, the walkways were very clever. He looked puzzled because I was obviously speaking about the one room that hadn't been touched. 

Continuing on our tour, I realized he had been steadily guiding us toward the rear exit instead of the full tour he had promised. It was very tricky and subtle. The door to the final room inside the home was partially open, and a radio operator was in there, speaking crisply into a headset plugged into a panel covered in indicator lights and gauges. Our host hurriedly closed that door as I asked what the man inside had been doing.

"War is coming," he replied. I asked if it would be soon and he looked strangely pleased and said, "Yes. VERY soon." We were shown out.

In the street, my companions left but I remained behind. It was quiet and deserted as I leaned my shoulder against a light pole, waiting for the war to start. Nothing came. I moved along the street and saw a little stream of murky, dirty water, flowing rapidly over a section of sidewalk. I was about to jump over it, but a co-worker of mine from many years ago shook his head and waggled his finger at me. I recalled that he was always very argumentative and self-serving when we worked together. I explained to him that I needed to jump the stream now, before it was too flooded to cross, and gave a big leap over the rapidly flooding section of sidewalk.

Suddenly the streets were narrow and cobblestone-paved instead of wide and asphalt. It was a transition from modern to old-world. I entered a building that had a cheerily decorated room in it. It was surprisingly feminine and sweet, but still felt like a prison. An elderly woman lived there, and there was a gap between the wall and ceiling through which I could see some kind of shop. It was dark in there, but it looked like a fabric store. The room had a shared bathroom and curtains were used as partitions into the next cell. That cell also housed an elderly person. It was clear that this was some kind containment area. The ladies were very hungry...

At this point, my hubby knocked something over in the house which jolted me out of the dream.

Dec 2020
I had a dream where I was in a tower. There were a bunch of Orthodox Jews who were milling around the bottom of the tower. There was a fire coming, but there was also a very strong river flowing next to it. They decided to come up to the tower where I was. I pointed to a book in which they had to sign their names. They were talking amongst themselves and said they had noticed that I was singing "halal" and it was strange. It would "take some getting used to." I woke up, but didn't know what halal meant. Looking it up, I realized they had been saying hallel.