The Betrayed Bride, A Dream

I just woke up from this dream at 12:19 a.m. My dog had started barking as my son drove down our driveway and parked in the garage at 12:20 a.m.

There was a wedding. The bride was not the same nationality as her husband but she thought she was so fortunate to be married to this prince. She had decorative bands wrapped around her arms and around a bundle in her arms containing her baby. 

The couple and their retinue boarded a ship and sailed toward the prince's home to much fanfare and loud greeting. 

Arrows began to fly and the bride was struck.

Arrow after arrow hit her and the bundle in her arms. The prince was smiling and waving to his people while his bride cried out, "What are these? What are these arrows?"

The bands around her arms tightened and became restraints. The bundle was empty - the baby had disappeared.

There was another beautiful woman, though dressed more commonly, who had attended the bride. She didn't react to her mistresses distress.

Instead, she sidled up to the prince and also began to wave in the direction of the city's walls, avoiding the bride as she continued to be struck by arrows. Both the attendant and the prince had known the attack would occur. They had colluded.

The bride was always meant to be sacrificed by the prince's people upon his return. when the prince returned. He knew his kingdom would eagerly be anticipating her murder as he entered his kingdom. The prince had nothing but contempt for the bride and had been planning her death for a long time. 

Marrying her was the only way he could lure her to the attack. Sadly, the bride's attending maid had been colluding with the prince the whole time, and the bride had been oblivious to the scheme.

Yet, by the end of my dream, and though there were fifty or more arrows in the bride, she was not dead.

Look at the Strong's information for H1219 (cut off, made inaccessible) and H1220.

From H1219; strictly a clipping, that is, gold (as dug out)

Eyes up.