Favorite YouTube Channels

If you'd like to learn a little more, these are some of my favorite channels on YouTube

 Midnight Hour Oil
Melissa is so encouraging, but keeps it "real" for her viewers, not sugar-coating anything. Her focus is on being prepared for the day the Lord returns, as portrayed in the Parable of the Ten Virgins, hence the title of her channel. It's practical advice, scripture references, and she often reveals remarkable dreams she has.

Behold Israel
Amir has interesting insights into scripture, and lives in Israel. He's Jewish by heritage, but Christian in faith. I haven't been watching him long, but his videos seem to range from study of scripture, to prophecy, to current events in the Holy Land. And yes, all those things are important.

Still Small Voice
Clare and Ezekiel have a special relationship with Jesus, receiving visions and messages pertaining to end-times prophecy and walking in faith. In this day and age, it's dismissed as "crazy" that someone would talk to Jesus. And, there's always a danger that someone is adding their own agenda to the message, so always check what you hear against scripture. That said, when I hear the words in these videos, it often resonates as truth.

Soldiers for Christ Community
I don't much about Pastor Sandy, but I sure love listening to him. I love it when he puts on his reading glasses, stoops over the lectern (he's a big guy) and peers intently at scripture, punctuating his teaching with, "You understand?" Apparently, he's learned Hebrew, which gives his particular insight into the original scripture. I love the little gems he uncovers that would normally be lost in translation. He's a very gifted Pastor with a lot of faith!

Informed Christians
Daniel Valles has produced some wonderful documents, including Be Ye Ready, an extensive document to consider if you want to prepare your heart for God. There's also a wonderful timeline to consider. As with anything, consider that this is written by man and may not be perfect. But it's a really well-written guide. The link above is his YouTube channel, and his website is Informed Christians, which redirects to a Google drive:



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    I would like to add this link to a Christian YouTuber you may find intriguing.


    Tim explores many Old Testament prophets from an eschatological view.


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